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Water.IO provides smart solutions to help people stay hydrated, and it is moving the food and beverage industry into the IoT smart packaging and big-data arena. Beverage Packaging Innovation finds out more from co-founder and SVP business development Yoav Hoshen.

Can you give us some backgroundon your company?

Yoav Hoshen: The popular phrase 'water is life' is what we're all about. Water is a basic need of every
living being on Earth. It optimises our health and powers our brain. Unfortunately, in today's hectic world, we rarely get the amount of water that we should have on a daily basis.

Water.IO turns any standard disposable bottle into a smart bottle. The smart cap sensors fit any disposable water bottle and an alert is delivered via blinking lights when the customer needs to drink more. The technology is based on the customer's personal profile and measures how much liquid is in the bottle.

The information can be transferred via smartphone so customers can acquire and monitor real-time analytics on their drinking habits, how much they drink, and when, where and how this is related to other factors like, weather, sporting activity or geography.

Can you tell us about the development process for the smart bottle caps?

Over the past few years, we've patented an advanced, disposable sensor technology that can fit into any standard bottle cap. The biggest efforts were made in measuring the water level in the bottle, without contact with the water itself. We also developed a smartphone app that can be co-branded with any beverage company so they can benefit from direct engagement with customers. Finally, our web-based analytics dashboard enables beverage companies to get exclusive, real-time data about their customer's behaviours and needs.

How does it work?

A few things happen when Water.IO sensors are added to the cap. The customer downloads an app and builds a profile with basic information such as age, height and weight. The app interface can be branded by any given beverage company.

The smart cap measures the amount of liquid in the bottle, and when the customer needs to drink, the smart cap starts to blink. The smart cap leverages environmental information such as temperature and location, and the algorithm updates accordingly, recommending more hydration on a hot day or if the customer is spending a lot of time outdoors.

We also offer cap models that don't need a smartphone. These simply alert the customer based on how much time has passed since he or she last drank. We have additional sensors and form factors for different cap models, all based on existing cap types that the beverage companies already use.

What's are the extended benefits of the product?

Customers aren't always aware of their own drinking habits, and beverage brands today can be blind when it comes to their customers. Customers and brands want to know how, when and where their beverage was consumed, and how this is related to temperature, activity or the environment. Beverage companies don't have enough information about who bought their drink or even if the bottle has been refilled.

The beverage industry relies on focus groups and research to gather and understand all this information, but this only gives a small picture of their customer profiles. It's only a sampling of data, and it's not real-time. Water.IO changes that. With our technology, beverage and water brands receive accurate data, in real time. With this information, the brands can understand and create accurate profiles of their customers.

Beverage and water companies can develop better products and engage directly with their customers using this technology. Of course, this means enhancing customer loyalty, which will ultimately lead to more sales.

When will Water.IO's caps be available?

Water.IO smart caps are already available for purchase. The product includes smart cap sensors, an optional smartphone app and a dashboard for the analytics engines.

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