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Asahi Photoproducts is a leading global manufacturer of flexographic plates. Asahi´s Pinning Technology flexographic photopolymer plate technology delivers high-quality print performance as a result of its engineered photopolymer chemistry design. With a very high plate resolution designed for fine text and minimum dots fading out to zero, this unique plate specification allows a larger total colour gamut to be achieved, particularly in highlight areas, providing more design flexibility and graphic quality. Very fine highlight dots and tonal transitions enable smooth vignettes that can run out to almost 0% for best-in-class flexographic quality that is comparable to gravure.

Pinning Technology for Clean Transfer is incorporated in the AWPTM-DEF/DEW, AFPTM-TOP and AFPTM-TSP plates and can be used with UV, solvent or water-based inks. While Asahi also manufactures a full range of flexographic plate processing equipment, Asahi solvent wash plates can be used with any processor and fit easily into any established workflow, minimising the need for equipment investments and costly workflow adjustments. Visit to learn more about Asahi processing equipment.

Staying competitive with flexographic printing

The global market for flexible packaging is projected to grow by 18% through 2020 according to a Smithers Pira report (Future of Global Flexible Packaging to 2020). This is good news for flexographic printers, but there are challenges. These include a growing number of SKUs, smaller lot sizes, more regional and season variations in packaging, and a constantly changing regulatory environment. Not to mention last-minute projects that need to be worked into the mix.

Producing smaller lot sizes faster and profitably can be difficult with job changeover time that can be one and a half hours or more and a significant amount of make-ready waste when printing with conventional flexographic plates.

The Asahi difference

Asahi Pinning Technology flexographic plates feature a special engineered plate additive with low surface energy that inhibits liquid flow. The ink forms a globule with a large contact angle and high pinning point. This results in a cleaner and more homogeneous ink transfer from plate to substrate. This process is ideal for use with water-based inks that are viscous and can dry on the plate. These inks are growing in popularity, especially for food and other sensitive products where ink migration can be an issue. That way the customer eliminates any plate-cleaning interval on the press and improves it press OEE significantly.

Fixed colour palette printing

Asahi AWP™-DEF/DEW plate solutions ensure, register, availability, flexibility and reduced cleaning requirements for high performance and productivity. Combining these benefits with Asahi's premium quality graphic plate makes the Asahi AWP™-DEF the best choice for both conventional and Fixed Colour Palette printing.

The solvent-free production of the AWP™-DEF/DEW plate also eliminates the need for a drying process, so on average the plate can be delivered to press in about an hour, further minimizing potential press downtime. This speed to press also facilitates its use in combination printing on one cylinder, popular in Fixed Colour Palette or Extended Colour Gamut (ECG) printing applications.

Fixed Colour Palette print delivers many benefits, including virtually no changeover time between jobs - simply mount new plates - with significantly reduced make-ready times, and reduction in ink inventories.

With the AWPTM water washable Pinning Technology plate there is an additional advantage as the plate is not processed at high temperature or with aggressive solvents that the plate dimensions are kept in excellent condition. This means that Asahi AWP plates deliver perfect registration, and are ideal for multi-colour expanded gamut printing where plate-to-plate registration is a key requirement for perfect colour matching.

Environmentally sustainable water wash

Designed for high quality print performance, AWP™-DEF/DEW digital water wash plates outperform the best digital plates currently available for flexo with a smaller environmental footprint. For the first time, a digital photopolymer plate can hold extremely small stable dots - smaller than those of solvent processed plates - and its stability on press is superior to solvent plates, with numerous associated environmental and waste reduction benefits.

Asahi photopolymer plate technology

Asahi's line of photopolymer plates offers the appropriate plate type for every field of application. You can choose between liquid, solid analogue and digital Asahi flexo plates as necessary. More than 40 years of experience in producing and constantly advancing the development of photopolymers form the basis for a range of plate types that deliver quality and resultant efficiency using Asahi's unique Pinning Technology.

Asahi's AFPTM-TOP is a premium digital flexo plate giving the printer a wide colour space with vibrant colour reproductions and soft tonal shades fading out to zero.

Asahi's AFPTM-TSP is a medium hardness digital flexo plate, optimised for a wide range of printing materials, from absorbent fibre-based substrates such as pre-printed liner, paper and carton board to non-absorbent film and label materials.

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Extremely high overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) at the printing press that can shorten cycle times and keep costs in line - that is what the Asahi Photoproducts flexo plates stand for.
The Asahi difference - Through its outstanding product portfolio, dedication to innovation and partnerships with best-in-class suppliers to the flexographic industry, Asahi Photoproducts and its global distribution network act as a one-stop supplier of next-generation flexographic solutions.
Pinning Technology for Clean Transfer is a unique Asahi plate technology that is a specifically engineered polymer chemistry designed to transfer all remaining ink to the print substrate due to the photopolymer plates having a low surface energy.
Fixed Colour Palette Printing – An important trend that is contributing significantly to the competitiveness of flexography is the growing adoption of fixed colour palette printing.
Colognia Press, a Czech-based printing house, who found a way to improve OEE with Asahi AWP™ plates.
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