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Schubert International has developed a system that enables fragrances to be applied directly to printing materials such as labels, packaging, brochures and mailings without costly additional materials or equipment.

"Odours have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions or will. The persuasive power of an odour cannot be fended off - it enters into us like breath into our lungs, it fills us up, imbues us totally. There is no remedy for it."

The introducing statement that Patrick Süskind makes in his bestseller Perfume: The Story of a Murderer is not only the product of his fantasy. The region in our brain where the smell gathered by our olfactory receptors is processed lies within the limbic system. This area of the brain is involved in the detection and expression of emotional responses, and a part of it processes and formats memories.

Numerous studies relating to perception and memory of marketing messages state that the more senses are touched by a package or flyer, the better the recall of the message will be. Fragrance signatures help our brain even more with memory processing. The message "the rose bath makes you feel as though you are sitting in a real rose garden" may be remembered more easily if a picture of a rose garden is added. A corresponding fragrance on the package or the promotion enhances the processing of the visual and the message within the limbic system and potentiates the effect of the visual on the message memory. In other words, the fragrance anchors a rose garden image of the product in our brain.

Heaven scent

If a rose fragrance recalls a rose bath more easily, then a warm, aromatic note of vanilla makes us feel comfortable. However, even if vanilla is perceived by most of us as pleasant, it won't have a desirable effect on an adventure product such as a skydive. This shows that transferring laboratory and academic findings into products is neither easy nor quick, which is why we are only beginning to see the development of products and marketing campaigns that are properly using scents in their work. The challenge marketers face is how to use the properties of scents effectively, in terms of cost and efficiency.

Lothar Schubert and his daughter Birgit Rothoerl saw this need more than 25 years ago and founded the Germany and New York-based company Schubert International. The company developed a system that enables fragrances to be applied directly to printing materials such as labels, packaging, brochures and mailings without costly additional materials or equipment.

SCENTIFIC is the name of the technology that makes this possible. A light powder consisting of polymer capsules is mixed in varnishes suitable for all printing systems, so that the smell may also be applied as a fifth colour on a printing product. Schubert International offers varnishes for all kinds of paper qualities as well as plastic and foil. SCENTIFIC varnishes may also be applied to labels that are attached to the final packaging. The fine breeze of a rose bath or the strong note of smoked meat may later be released by gently rubbing over the scented area, and it is noticeable on the printed material and on the contact area of the skin. The SCENTIFIC patent brings a great attribute to the creative world: fragrances may be conserved for years and still be released as fresh as at the beginning.

Schubert International's main clients are in personal care and the cosmetics businesses. In particular, direct-selling companies in less densely populated states can profit from the ability to make customers smell a product before buying - letting themselves indulge in fragrance-related emotions and memories.

"The demand for scented packaging has risen in the last five years, even in areas with high population density," says Birgit Rothoerl. "In former times, consumers would go to a supermarket and open the bottle of washing agent to catch its smell. Today many products are vacuum-packed to ensure their quality and longevity. This makes marketers think about new, cost-effective products for odour sampling."


Company profile

Schubert International is a global leader in development, production and distribution of microencapsulated fragrance varnishes. SCENTIFIC is an advanced technology which enlarges the possibilities for advertising with fragrances. Using SCENTIFIC you may process either your proprietary scents or standard fragrances from Schubert International into micro-capsules, which can be applied to sampling systems, promotional brochures, product packaging and sales literature.

Advertise with fragrances – cost-effective and efficient with micro-encapsulation

SCENTIFIC research chemists have developed an advanced technology for encapsulating fragrance oils within synthetic polymers that preserve the integrity and intensity of the scents for many years. The micro-encapsulated scent is supplied pre-mixed into a commercial varnish ready for application onto a wide range of paper-based materials as well as foil or plastic. The application as a last step in the four-color printing process makes additional equipment superfluous and thus the printing job more cost-effective. Customers can release the fragrance only by destroying the micro-capsules - either by rubbing the scented area or by opening a sealed flap or label enclosing the scent. The fragrance can be activated many times without losing its effectiveness and the truest fragrance rendition helps the brain to memorize the fragrance note and makes the scented message more efficient.

Our varnish – your choice of printing system, process and fragrance

Thanks to SCENTIFIC technology the varnishes may be applied in all existing printing processes throughout the world - offset, flexo, screen, rotogravure and even coldset printing. You may choose between waterbased, oilbased, UV drying and solvent based varnish systems, which ensures that your printing job can be realized. We offer you more than 200 different fragrances to match your product, message and target group. And even if you may not find a suitable fragrance from our repertoire, we may encapsulate your own scented oil. It only has to be suitable for micro-encapsulation, which means it shouldn't include any alcoholic and water-soluble ingredients. Your printing project is more special? Just contact us and we may provide you individual solutions.

Schubert International and SCENTIFIC – a global leader in scent marketing

Established in 1986 and based in Utting, Germany and New York City, Schubert International has focused on international customers from the beginning. We supply companies with our SCENTIFIC technology in over 100 countries of the world. We may call major fragrance houses our customers in advertising their products. Though our client base is quite diverse and includes amongst others printers, creative and marketing agencies, publishers, branded companies from cosmetic business and food industry. They choose us due to the many years shelf-life of the printed products, the ever steady high quality of delivered goods and a scent presentation which is the truest to the original fragrance. Allow yourselves to be convinced by SCENTIFIC varnishes and use the form below to send us your business enquiry.

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Fragrance signatures help the brain to process memories.
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