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Packaging & Converting Intelligence Spring 2019

Food safety continues to be front of mind for brands as the slightest hint of contamination can risk a catastrophic loss of business or brand. Carlsberg have created their better world strategy, and discuss some of the latest and greatest of their sustainable packaging initiatives to get them to these goals.

Choosing the right adhesive in today's convenience and reopening/closing focused packaging is a critical decision that must be taken carefully to avoid becoming unstuck. As Digital print continues to grow, the impact on conventional printing continues to develop in lock step; brands discuss their thoughts on which is best for them. Just weeks after the EU approved the Single-Use Plastics ban, leading forestry consultancy Pöyry brought experts together to discuss solutions to the problems of plastic waste in the packaging industry.

Decorative finishes are more than the final touch for packaging design, at once offering consumers more while defining a product's market position and central demographic.

Beverage Packaging Innovation Winter 2018

Earlier in the year, Carlsberg held a presentation on its latest sustainable innovations, including a new product that was being released simultaneously with the conference, in the UK and Norway. Mathew Rogerson was able to speak with Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, director of sustainability, and Håkon Langen, packaging innovation director, to learn more about the latest advances and groundbreaking innovations that the company has developed and released.

Whether using NFC tags, augmented reality or mixed media to engage with consumers, there have been many innovations in the smart packaging market released in 2018. We take a look at some of the latest examples, from pack track to global market.

Also in this issue, An examination of the recent improvements in machinery for craft brewing and wine production, with a look at recent updates to plants and equipment. Eli Gershkovitch, CEO of Steamworks Brewery, and Manny Moreno, director of packaging operations at McManis Family Winery’s, share some insight. Plus: We present comments from executives in the branding and marketing of beverage producers, on the latest in design and marketing.

Packaging Converting Intelligence Autumn 2018

Time is ticking away from the declarations of major companies of their intent to manage the problem of plastic packaging with major retailers and suppliers all working towards reduction of plastic packaging waste. Articles by Amcor and leading retailers both discuss our cover story.

Neil Thompson explores how businesses are discovering new opportunities to boost efficiency, safety and trust in their supply chains and packaging activities and GlobalData’s latest materials innovation report gives the low-down on the main four materials that could boost the industry’s eco-friendly credentials.

Jules Lejeune, managing director at FINAT, and Garçon Wines’ business development executive, Amelia Dales discuss  how innovation, legislation and company aspirations are impacting labelling.

Also in this edition,  Philippe Thuvien of L’Oréal, and Eric Näf, packaging director at Absolut, discuss the evolution of premiumisation,  evolution, sustainability and the role packaging plays in creating a brand’s identity.

Cosmetic Packaging Insight Summer 2018

Decorative finishes are more than the final touch for packaging design, at once offering consumers more while defining a product's marketing design and core demographic. This article focuses on how elaborate and decorative finishes are aiding brands in the quest to gain prominence among considerable competition.

Launched in November 2015 by Kylie Jenner, the eponymous Kylie Cosmetics has become one of the fastest-growing beauty brands in the world, with a $900-million revenue recently announced by Forbes, Cosmetics Packaging Insight examines how leveraging social media has created and crafted this popular cosmetics company.

Also in this issue: The problem of plastic waste and marine litter has been widespread in public discussion in 2018, and many leading companies are doing their part to resolve the problem. We gather understanding from the sustainability and packaging teams at Procter & Gamble, to learn more about how innovation can play a part. And, Premiumisation is no longer the preserve of products with high-price tags. Matthew Rogerson reaches out to cosmetics executives from premium brands for their thoughts on how they develop, design and define exclusivity in beauty.

Beverage Packaging Innovation Summer 2018

Beverage Packaging Innovation Summer 2018 edition shines a light on plastic , its reduction or replacement and innovations that can be used to keep its place as a core packaging technology for the drinks sector. Featuring the latest developments in design from St Remy’s definitive brand refresh, as well as insight from Sovereign Brands’ CEO on the value of being agile and disruptive to succeed in the premium spirits industry. Diageo discuss brand protection and security, PepsiCo shine a light on materials management as well as innovation in the soft drinks and sports drinks sectors while the Co-op pilot a groundbreaking pilot that potentially would reshape the material make up of the bottled water market, one which has come in for the harshest criticism from anti-plastic campaigners of late. All this and more can be found in this latest version.

Beverage Packaging Innovation covers the global drinks market in association with Global Data one of the world's most credible market research organizations. Published in print and digital formats, this multi-platform publication provides a unique blend of in-depth commentary and analysis of the key issues shaping the market, while offering a valuable and effective way of reaching and influencing a community of industry leaders and practitioners.

Packaging & Converting Intelligence Spring 2018

Looking good might make you feel great, but there is a whole world of science and insight that directs cosmetics companies to make sure that their next launch is as, or more, successful than the last. Packaging & Converting Intelligence invites leading beauty executives to share their insight on how companies are handling the pressure, and meeting consumer needs and desires.

In food safety, there is no room for error when mistakes can be broadcast worldwide, and hard-won reputations destroyed by a tweet or photo. Packaging & Converting Intelligence speaks to members of the Global Food Safety Initiative about how companies are coping with a rapidly evolving market.

Also in this issue: Millennials’ ‘grab and go’ lifestyles often fail to leave time for proper meals, which has caused a boom in the snacking industry. Ceri Jones examines the packaging formats that serve this hungry market. Tom Vierhile, innovation insights director at GlobalData, looks at the trends that will define the next 12 months.

Cosmetic Packaging Insight & Innovation Spring 2018

With the help of the analytics and Pack Track databases in GlobalData, we take a look at major innovations from the most recent product launches in the industry that have made a meaningful impact on the cosmetics market.

Young people are at the forefront of growth in the global cosmetics industry. Using insights from our partners at GlobalData, we examine how millennials in the US and Asia are driving an explosion in the market through social media and the use of technology.

Also in this issue: Looking good might make you feel great, but there is a whole world of science and insight that helps cosmetics companies to ensure the success of their product launches. We reach out to leading beauty executives to learn how companies are handling the pressure. Plus, the personal-care industry is gearing up for the eagerly awaited Aerosol & Dispensing Forum and Packaging of Perfume, Cosmetics & Design conference which brings industry experts together at the end of January in Paris.

Beverage Packaging Innovation Winter 2017

Beverage Packaging Innovation Winter 2017 edition, draws multiple brand-owner perspectives together from various beverage categories. Questions were asked about the latest innovations, sustainable activities and trends....

Active and Intelligent beverage packaging is being developed at a rapid pace to fulfil a wide range of criteria. Find out more about the latest developments within this sector....

With the beverage industry expected to grow at a rate of 7.5% annually, hitting $7.6billion by 2021,brand-owners in the drinks sector have unprecedented opportunities to capitalise on…

Beverage Packaging Innovation covers the global drinks market in association with Global Data one of the world's most credible market research organizations. Published in print and digital formats, this multi-platform publication provides a unique blend of in-depth commentary and analysis of the key issues shaping the market, while offering a valuable and effective way of reaching and influencing a community of industry leaders and practitioners.

Packaging & Converting Intelligence Autumn 2017

Future factories, NFC-enabled communication and the merging of technology with big data all have great potential, but what tangible benefits has industry 4.0 provided so far, and how can these be further exploited? Sonia Sharma looks at how brand-owners are getting ahead in the new economy.

Changing needs of buyers, a demand for personalised offerings and a greater acceptance of colour digital printing are set to be the key drivers in the global print-label market. Matthew Rogerson asks major players what their predicted trends are.

Also in this issue: Sonia Sharma speaks to FEICA, the association representing the European adhesive and sealant industry, about innovations within the sector, and Packaging & Converting Intelligence presents insights from experts across the printing market on whether the digital revolution is really delivering.

Beverage Packaging Innovation Summer 2017

Selecting the right material for beverage packaging is crucial for a brand. Sonia Sharma finds out that providing the consumer with an enhanced sensory experience is fast becoming an essential element as brands expand into more tactile labels.

The market for anti-counterfeiting packaging technology is growing and expected to reach $3.6 billion by 2022. Industry experts explain the scale of the threats facing the packaging industry, and discuss what can be done to protect consumers and companies from counterfeiters.

Also in this issue: Ceri Jones finds that combining printing techniques produce labels that are more responsive to changing lifestyles but still create deep connections with consumers. Plus, Matthew Rogerson speaks with Danone and Nestlé Waters to learn more about their proposed new 'bio-PET' bottle.

Packaging & Converting Intelligence Spring 2017

The vogue for sustainability, corporate social responsibility and ethical credibility has made 'green' packaging a major selling point for consumers. Packaging & Converting Intelligence considers how the desire to protect the planet is driving a move towards a no-waste economy.

Ever thinner materials, decreasing manufacturing times and consumer-led requirements for efficient end-of-life disposal have propelled coating and laminating from a supporting role in packaging to a starring one. Making the right choice for a product is critical: Matthew Rogerson speaks with industry experts and suppliers about the thin line between success and failure.

Also in this issue: Printed packaging is a crucial part of the battle to retain customers. John Fortune investigates how it continues to enhance front-line sales and marketing. Plus, more than seven billion people are expected to own a smartphone by 2021, offering unprecedented opportunities for interaction between products and consumers. We speak with experts to learn more about what's in store.

Packaging & Converting Intelligence Autumn 2016

Whether it's providing anti-counterfeiting and monitoring services to perishable goods or giving consumers something fun to do as they snack, active and intelligent packaging (A&IP) has a lot to offer. After the rocky start of QR codes, however, how can brands regain consumer confidence in what smart packaging can do for them? Andrew Manly, communications director at the Active and Intelligent Packaging Association, explores the A&IP arena.

While the term sustainability is thrown around frequently in the packaging industry, key players are beginning to wonder if 'responsibility' would be a more appropriate concept to promote. Where consumers may be confused by the terminology of 'sustainability claims', responsibility is a globally accessible concept that is easy to relate to. Matthew Rogerson investigates why sustainability may need to make way for responsibility.

Also in this issue: As the battle for our attention and wallets continues on the shelves, how much impact do caps and closures really have on consumers? John Fortune speaks with leading executives in the beverage, personal-care and home-care sectors to learn more. Plus, Packaging & Converting Intelligence takes a look at key opinion-leaders' thoughts on the state of food safety in 2016

Beverage Packaging Innovation Winter 2016

Environmentally sound packaging requires super-efficient use of resources without loss of quality. Leading industry executives share their opinions on responsible techniques with Matthew Rogerson.

HP hosted a brand and agency networking evening in Warsaw to discuss the future of digital print. Matthew Rogerson reports on the latest trends and ideas.

Also in this issue: The fake packaging market is predicted to surpass $134 billion by 2020, by which time huge damage will have been done to companies' revenues and reputations. Barry Mansfield looks at the latest developments in anti-counterfeiting systems. Plus, Beverage Packaging Innovation and market data analyst Canadean rake over the figures from 2016.

Beverage Packaging Innovation Summer 2016

Beyond the issues of brand erosion and public health in counterfeiting, there is an increasing frustration that consumers can be fooled in this age of big data and hyper-digital connectivity. The rationale is that if we can locate our missing smartphone across the world, we should not be buying fake wine, and supply chains need to catch up fast. Beverage Packaging Innovation speaks with industry experts to learn more about transparent traceability.

'Premiumisation' is taking over the beverage market through numerous different routes, including convenience, provenance, immersive brand experiences or 'natural' ingredients. The latest data shows that the slowdown in consumption is continuing in the EU and North America, which means producers need to raise the value if they wish to raise their profits. Packaging is playing a vital part in this move, as John Fortune finds out.

Also in this issue: Whether it is to replenish or refresh more effectively, or to provide protein to build muscle and aid recovery, 2016 is fast becoming an exceptionally active year for sports drinks. Matthew Rogerson reports. Plus, after bottled water and functional/sports drinks, juice is the fastest-growing segment within the soft-drinks category. Beverage Packaging Innovation looks at some of the industry's brands of the moment.

Packaging & Converting Intelligence Spring 2016

Shane Bertsch from HAVI Global Solutions discusses sustainable packaging solutions; Dr Nick Murry from Ecodesk addresses opinions on the circular economy; and Anna Schreil from The Absolut Company speaks on sustainable luxury packaging.

Tracking consumer trends is crucial to a brand's success. Based on Canadean's TrendSights Framework, Packaging & Converting Intelligence will provide a two-part feature analysing global trends in the industry this year. Part two will appear in the magazine's autumn edition.

Also in this issue: A report from Global Trade Media's second executive roundtable on food-safety packaging in London, we look at how demands for out-of-the-home dining and fresh goods present huge opportunities for food services, and Guido Schmitz of Bayer HealthCare's consumer-care division discusses the value of creative thinking.

Packaging & Converting Intelligence Autumn 2015

Fake medicines with counterfeit packaging are endangering the global pharmaceutical industry. Effective track-and-trace solutions have been demanded to combat the threat and a host of new anti-counterfeiting laws will come into force in 2017. Priya Gopal, associate director of strategic plans and projects at Novartis, looks into how pharmaceutical companies can best prepare themselves and improve practical methods for serialisation.

Whether providing information to a distracted consumer in store, qualifying the ingredients or the provenance and authenticity of a product, or providing more space on a package for branding, labels have moved from being an afterthought of packaging design to providing companies with an excellent opportunity to educate, delight and engage customers from the moment of purchase to the end of life. Matthew Rogerson speaks to top brand representatives to find out more.

Also in this issue: After the first day of Dscoop EMEA4 Conference, held 3-5 June 2015 in Dublin, Ireland, global manufacturers and industry experts decamped to the Marker Hotel to hear more about the latest innovations at HP Graphics Solutions Dining Club, and Packaging & Converting Intelligence was there to report the latest developments. Plus, Philippe Thuvien of L’Oréal provides an insight into how the company addresses issues of cost, sustainability and counterfeiting in its luxury designs.

Beverage Packaging Innovation Winter 2015

In this issue of Beverage Packaging Innovation, Pernod Ricard, Bacardi and Diageo evaluate the current trends in the speciality spirits market and We speak with BrewDog about the impact of packaging developments upon craft beers in 2015.

The global juice market currently produces 136 billion litres a year and is anticipated to grow in the next few years. We explore what kinds of packaging will grow with it.

Also in this issue: what's next for energy drinks packaging with Red Bull, and Rikke Lerhåøj talks us through the Faxe Kondi Booster launch. Plus, Nestlé CEO Paul Bulke and other industry leaders tell us more about the latest trends and challenges in the dairy market.

Beverage Packaging Innovation Summer 2015

Beverage Packaging Innovation recently had the opportunity to discuss developments and insight into the energy drinks and juices market with Lucozade Ribena Suntory's Peter McConville, CTO, and Satvinder Dhillon, head of packaging development.

Earlier this year, a group of drinks brand-owners sat down to discuss metal packaging, trends and developments. While the anticipated focus had been on metal's sustainability credentials, which have been boosted by the increasing lightness of material, the evening covered multiple aspects of metal packaging, its innovation and thoughts for the future.

Also in this issue: The first instalment of a two-part round-up of the winners in the World Packaging Organisation's 2015 beverage category; Canadean provides its analysis of the most valuable megatrends, and the subtrends that populate them, in the soft drinks sector; and a report from the Beverage Packaging Innovation PET round table.

Packaging & Converting Intelligence Spring 2015

In today's hyper-connected, mobile and social-media-focused world, brands have been exploring ways to drive relevance, engagement and interaction through packaging - digital printing is opening up these opportunities. Matthew Rogerson reports from Ultimate Packaging's digital-themed open day.

Consumer demand and tighter legislation are just two factors that will boost growth of paper-based packaging's market share, while rising raw material costs have moved sustainability to prime position on every packaging manager's agenda. Packaging & Converting Intelligence takes a closer look at how sustainability in paper is developing in leaps and bounds.

Also in this issue: Industry leaders give Packaging & Converting Intelligence their opinions on why flexible packaging is so popular, President of the Contract Packaging Association Chris Nutley offers further insight into this sector of the industry and Emma-Jane Batey reports on the smart use of bio-plastics.

Packaging & Converting Intelligence Autumn 2014

In previous years, sustainability has been discussed for its ability to cut costs and provide an environmentally friendly alternative to a dependence on fossil fuels. Recently, the focus has switched to reduction. This issue of Packaging & Converting Intelligence leads with a sustainability virtual round-table in which leading companies talk about what sustainable development and waste reduction means to them, and the actions they are taking. We also look at active labelling through the expert eyes of Andrew Manly of AIPIA.

The paper and board section concentrates on luxury paper use, which returns to the theme of sustainability as lightweighting is proving to be a tool in providing less waste, without sacrificing quality or pedigree - LVMH, Richemont, Tiffany, Kering and Pernod Ricard provide examples.

Also in this issue: a new report by Canadean provides a detailed analysis of the packaging industry's viewpoint on the significance of e-commerce; Neil Hirst, director of packaging at product design consultancy Seymourpowell, examines how holistic design fits into elements of packaging; and Mike Taylor takes a close look at how luxury brands are concentrating on ethical and responsible sourcing of paper as part of their corporate social responsibility plans.

Packaging & Converting Intelligence Spring 2014

Digital printing has generated a significant buzz in the packaging sector, with strong growth figures projected for the next few years. This is not just due to likely cost savings - the technology should enable market segmentation and allow brand owners to create bespoke packaging on demand. However, the market as a whole is fairly small, and Neil Falconer, consultant at Print Future, believes its potential has yet to be fully realised. He asks how commercial printers, packaging converters and brand owners can use the technology to best effect.

Sustainability too remains near the top of the industry agenda. As demand surges for eco-friendly packaging, brand owners are rising to the challenge in a variety of creative ways. Al Iannuzzi of Johnson & Johnson discusses the world of paper and board packaging processes, and Matt Winterburn, head of CSR at Carlsberg, explains the company's new 'upcycling' strategy.

Elsewhere, Mintel's Lynn Dornblaser explores the rise of single-portion packaging, and Paul Howells of Unilever details his holistic approach to designing cosmetic containers. In addition, we profile Nestlé's new 'reminiscence pack' and look into the rebranding revolution underway at Tesco.

Beverage Packaging Innovation Winter 2014

Successfully connecting with consumers, and providing them with choice and convenience to match their varied refreshment needs, underpins the innovation of packaging and products at Coca-Cola. There have been a number of innovative product launches from 'Life' in 2014, to the humble PET bottle, and specifically the journey of PlantBottle. Matt Rogerson finds out more from Scott Vitters, general manager, PlantBottle packaging innovation platform.

Pernod Ricard has instigated an internal panel called the Responsible Marketing Panel to control marketing materials produced, including for innovations. Recently, Armand Hennon was appointed VP for responsible marketing as the number of campaigns to be controlled, and employees to be trained, has continually increased. Beverage Packaging Innovation reaches out to learn more.

Also in this issue: We highlights some of the amazing winners from the World Beverage Innovation Awards presented at BrauBeviale 2014, a report on the recent executive dining club hosted by HP Indigo on the possibilities of digital print in packaging, and JuiceBurst's Jon Evans discusses the burgeoning market in juices and nectars.

Packaging & Converting Intelligence Autumn 2013

In order for brands to be truly global, they have to strike a balance between consistency and customisation. After all, a top-selling brand in one market might not be as successful in another. And this is where the strength of packaging reveals itself. In Europe, for example, consumers prefer a more minimalist aesthetic while in some emerging economies, a premium perception is key. In this issue of Packaging & Converting Intelligence, Gilbert Chow, global category leader of packaging at ABF, details how marketing strategies in packaging must act as a sounding boards within the markets brands are embedded. At the same time, Marika Lindstrom, vice-president of procurement of packaging at Unilever, explains that breakthroughs in packaging, whether it's materials or design, are only as good as the integrity of supply chains. It helps to be as big as Unilever, of course, but success all boils down to positive, long-term relationships with suppliers, and attracting and retaining satisfied end-users.

Packaging & Converting Intelligence Spring 2013

Offset printing has long played an important part in the production of food and drink packaging. In this edition of Packaging & Converting Intelligence, Gilbert Chow, the global category leader for packaging at Associated British Foods, discusses the key part it plays in the group's set-up, and the way in which the multibillion-pound turnover business plans to incorporate new press technology to drive future innovations.

Elsewhere in the magazine, Andy Simpson of Hotel Chocolat discusses the importance of prepress on maintaining the brand's identity, decision-makers from across the industry talk sustainable and safe packaging at our recent round table, and Marks & Spencer's Simon Oxley analyses the changing role of materials such as board and PET.

Packaging & Converting Intelligence Autumn 2012

Read any article in this magazine and one conclusion is clear: learning within the packaging industry never stops. Take a look at just a few of the recent developments - sustainability is no longer merely a marketing tactic, it's a core strategic business initiative. Then, there is the arrival of QR codes, the growth of digital package printing, and the trend of opting for in-mould labelling and its improved barrier benefits, among many other packaging evolutions. In this issue, industry analyst Canadean explains how the changing economic climate may shape the global packaging industry; Ron Sasine of Walmart discusses the US retail giant's sustainability initiative, the packaging scorecard; and Web deVlam's Tim Perry and Ashley Brooks look at packaging for the booming men's personal care market.

Packaging & Converting Intelligence Spring 2012

Packaging has moved, over the last 20-30 years, from being an afterthought to being a strategic tool for getting the product safely from point to point. Packaging performance, coupled with cost, has become an important line item on most companies' income statements. This circumstance bodes well for the packaging professional who, through good education and training, can command a better salary and status within their company, while making a difference in the future of society.

Canadean shares the results of its Global Packaging Industry Survey 2012 with us in this issue of Packaging & Converting Intelligence. Additionally, we take a look at how personal care brands are responding to consumers' environmental concerns and Nestlé tells us how its responsible sourcing guidelines prove the provenance of its fibres.

Packaging & Converting Intelligence Autumn 2011

Policies in many developed countries are now concentrating on reducing food packaging rather than throwing less food away. Packaging protects food, yet for decades it was seen as nothing but waste, a nuisance to be avoided. Nothing could be further from the truth. As an industry, we need all the players to come together - designers, brands, packaging material suppliers, retailers and equipment manufacturers - to reaffirm the value of packaging, and once again focus on innovation.

With this in mind, Brad Rogers of PepsiCo discusses Frito-Lay's new, 100% compostable, biopolymer-based material; Nic Paton talks to analyst Koni Grob about measures to prevent migration in recycled packaging; and Gillian Garside-Wight of Your Packaging Partner and SugarBaby's Lizie Clifton give us their thoughts on airless packaging.

Packaging & Converting Intelligence Spring 2011

Brand control, carbon footprint, sustainability, counterfeiting and smart packaging are just some of the key topics covered in this issue. However, one challenge facing all packaging and converting companies that specialise in food packaging has brought into play a key ingredient - collaboration.

In this edition of Packaging & Converting Intelligence, Dr Jens Rupp, Coca-Cola Hellenic, talks to Ellie Broughton about the company's commitment to sustainability and leading the way on water footprinting. Maureen Byrne discovers how Unilever is taking a whole-product approach to environment impact. And Oliver Campbell of technology giant Dell talks about the innovative thinking behind bamboo packaging.

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