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04 December 2020
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Unbox the future
While polystyrene is 100% recyclable, its potential as a recyclable material is not yet fully exploited. Styrenic Circular Solutions is looking to jump-start recycling rates and unlock the circular economy for styrenics by engaging the entire value chain. The organisation’s secretary-general, Jens Kathmann, and its advocacy and communications chair, Chrissi Schönfelder, explain how.

Industry fate is sealed
Before the Covid-19 reality, sustainability led the agenda for the packaging and converting industry, dictating a number of the newest innovations and launches. A key example of this has been occurring in the adhesives market, where concerns about epoxy silanes being genotoxic have led to substitutions and new products being released. Here, the Association of the European Adhesive & Sealant Industry (FEICA)’s technical working group, Paper and Packaging, discuss the latest circular economy developments, and provide further background to the reasons behind the removal of epoxy silane from food contact materials.

Lead the charge
With the world stumbling to a crisis point in its flagrant use of plastic, especially single-use, a drastic change in direction is needed. Multinationals are leading the way in innovating new materials, setting industry targets, finessing the process and efficiency of recycling, and tweaking consumer behaviour. John Fortune examines how companies like Nestlé, Procter & Gamble and Hasbro are attempting this mammoth task.

Long live print
Even in our digital age, print remains hugely important to the packaging sector – it’s the first aspect of a product a consumer sees. Annie Scanlan, membership and information officer at Integraf, discusses with Abi Millar the latest trends impacting the market in 2020, what packagers are looking for in terms of print technologies, and what the future holds.

Reuse, recycle, revolution
With packaging in a period of rapid transformation, manufacturers are finding increasingly innovative ways of supporting a circular economy. Tracee Auld, chief sustainability officer at Graham Packaging, explains why, how and who.

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