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FoamAroma LLC provides the ultimate hot drink delivery system comprised of the FoamAroma coffee cup lid and the AromaSnap hole closure tab. FoamAroma's features and benefits are products of its patented design. AromaSnap is a custom accessory that can only be used with FoamAroma.

FoamAroma LLC has the focused goal of improving the to-go hot drink experience for millions of consumers a day. The first step in achieving this goal is to raise awareness of the difference between consuming a hot beverage from an open mug in the shop versus from a paper cup with a lid while on-the-go. The impact that the cup and lid have on the customers' drinking enjoyment deserves a higher level of attention and consideration. To have a consistent product for all customers, the to-go packaging must also be evaluated to deliver the best drinking experience.

To educate the coffee community, FoamAroma LLC sponsors barista training academies. The class attendees are current or soon-to-be business owners and baristas. The course curriculum includes a discussion around creating a top-quality experience for customers on the run.

Other methods used to raise awareness are providing samples for individual taste tests and working with local café supply distributors. We find that local café supply distributors are better suited to communicate with their customers and introduce innovative new products. While doing the taste test, it is often a surprising experience for a store owner to do a drink first with their current lid then try the same drink with FoamAroma. The perceived enhanced drinking experience is obvious. Some shop owners look to their distributors as educators and leaders.

FoamAroma and AromaSnap are currently manufactured at the same plant in Florida, US. They are disposable allied products made from a premium blend of plastic for durability, superior fit to many brands of hot paper cups, and reduced material consumption. Currently stocked colors are black, white and brown.

Manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping are contracted through speciality service providers. Distribution is only through qualified distributors. Distributors include a premium e-commerce source that ships to areas of US that do not have local delivery options. FoamAroma LLC does not sell directly to end users.

FoamAroma and AromaSnap are distributed to the EU and Middle East through an importer based in London. For container quantities, they are drop shipped directly from the plant in Florida.

FOAMAROMA - The coffee cup lid designed to improve the drinking experience

Drinking a hot beverage through a lid with a hole in it drastically changes the sensory perception. FoamAroma is the first coffee cup lid designed with a focus on the drink experience. All aspects of the contours, hole shapes and hole locations were designed for optimal consumer enjoyment.

MICROFOAM - An important component of the espresso based drink

The velvety texture of microfoam is an important part to the total mouth feel of an espresso-based drink. This is one component that differentiates a drink from a quality café compared to the home brewed coffee that often makes the latte a special treat. The triangular shape and slanted surface for the drink hole provide the same foam flow consumers experience from an open mug.

AROMA - The major contributor to flavour

Aroma greatly contributes to the consumer's ability to fully perceive the drink's flavour. Also, the sense of smell is hardwired to the brain differently than the other senses, which makes it a key trigger for memories, making this a key factor for return business. The centre hole allows the aroma to be accessed just before, and during, drinking, and provides optimum air venting that allows for an easy flow of liquid.

AROMASNAP - The hole closure tab for the traveller

It is common for tea and coffee to squirt out of conventional lids when jostled. FoamAroma lids are designed to avoid this classic "geyser squirt". But for those travellers that are carrying several cups of coffee, or who plan to keep their drink for a long time, AromaSnap plugs the holes and also allows drinking without completely removing the snap.

REQUEST SAMPLES - For your taste test and a personal FoamAroma Experience

Sitting down with your team to compare the drinking experience using your current lid versus FoamAroma is the best way to evaluate what FoamAroma can do to improve your product and thus your brand. For your free samples, contact me through my website or directly.

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